Business Valuations


Determining a realistic value of a private or public company is a formidable challenge for both the sellers and the purchasers. Appropriate business value is based on a number of factors i.e. business history, its assets, its cash flow projections, its market position, industry trends, comparable transactions, and its future earning potential etc.

Business valuation is both a science and an art.

The Science

A sound valuation should be based on systematic approaches to fact gathering and research. Accepted valuation methodology should be applied to the facts to develop a defensible analysis. A well-documented valuation report should include information about the company, it's financial condition, it's earning capacity, and the industry in which it operates. But, the process goes much further with OJALA.

The Art

Experience and insight, in addition to an in-depth understanding of valuation methodology, are necessary to reach the best result. Recognizing and properly weighing the underlying components of value, taking into account all the issues at hand, are important elements of the art of valuation.

Ojala Financial Corp. does engage an independent accredited business valuation professional to determine the true value of a business.

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